Supply & Demand Examples For Students [[year] Updated] (2023)

You have heard of the concept of supply and demand.

Let’s now look at some simple examples of this concept in action!

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Football Tickets

Suppose all the tickets for a football game have already been sold.

Perhaps some people have decided to make some money by buying a number of tickets and offering them for sale outside the stadium.

This is called scalping.

Scalpers know that there will be lots of people wanting to buy a ticket at the last minute and will be willing to pay more than the original ticket price.

(Video) Introduction to Supply and Demand

So, the demand is high and the price goes up!

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Growing Tomatoes

If everything has equilibrium (no change up or down of supply and demand) everyone is happy.

The grower is happy when he can sell all his tomatoes and doesn’t have to destroy what is left unsold.

And the buyers are happy that the price of tomatoes didn’t skyrocket. Equilibrium!

However, suppose there is a terrible frost the following year and half the tomato crop is lost. Now there will be little supply (shortage), and a greater demand – so the price will increase.

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New iPhone

A mobile phone maker has come out with a brand new iPhone that does more than the previous iPhone.

(Video) Supply and Demand Explained in One Minute

The maker buys advertising on TV, magazines, bill boards for this new iPhone.

Young people decide that they just have to have this phone and they are willing to pay top dollar for it.

Supply & Demand Examples For Students [[year] Updated] (4)

The maker recognizes he has created a demand that is greater than what he can supply, so he takes orders.

Now he is in the perfect position to increase the price of his iPhone because so many people want it.

Worn and Torn Jeans

A teenager in Japan thought wearing old, torn jeans would be a new fad. Friends began to want old and torn jeans too.

Soon, teens were trying to find ways to make their new jeans look worn and torn.

(Video) Supply and Demand: Crash Course Economics #4

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Someone in the US decided this would be a good money-making scheme and bought up every old, secondhand pair of jeans he could find, the more holes, the better.

He found a few stores in Japan to sell them for him.

Now, the demand was huge and the prices of these distressed jeans went higher and higher.

Equilibrium wouldn’t be found until the teens in Japan found another fad and that, of course, didn’t happen because the fad spread to countries all across the globe.

Supply & Demand Examples For Students [[year] Updated] (6)

Gasoline Prices

Have you noticed that the price of gasoline for vehicles goes up in the summer? This is because there are a lot more people driving in the summer.

The demand for gasoline is high. So the gasoline producers take advantage of the demand and increase the price.

(Video) What is Supply & Demand - The Most Important Economics Terms: Easy Peasy Finance for Kids, Beginners

The price of gasoline will drop in the winter because the demand decreases.

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The same thing happens with the cost of heating homes. In the summer, people don’t have to use fuel to heat their homes so the cost of fuel goes down.

It will go up again in the winter when the demand for fuel increases.

Quiz Time!

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  1. Why do scalpers charge more than the ticket price for a ticket outside the stadium?
  2. What happens to a tomato crop during a drought when the land can’t be irrigated?
Supply & Demand Examples For Students [[year] Updated] (9)
  1. Why does something new always cost more?
  2. How does a fad affect the price of the goods being sold?
  3. Why do we pay more for gasoline during summer months?
Supply & Demand Examples For Students [[year] Updated] (10)


(Video) Supply and Demand Practice

  1. People who missed buying a ticket still want to see the game so they are willing to pay more.
  2. During a drought, the crop will be very poor and this makes the demand higher and the price higher.
  3. Manufacturers will make people want something by advertising it everywhere and this encourages people to buy. They are willing to pay more for the product because it is new on the market.
Supply & Demand Examples For Students [[year] Updated] (11)
  1. A fad spreads so that many people in one area all want the same thing, and this increases demand and increases the price of the thing everyone wants.
  2. More people take trips and vacations in the summer and this increases the demand for gasoline and then the price of gasoline goes up.

Money & Economics

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What is a good example of supply and demand? ›

If there was only one pizza restaurant in a town and then a new pizza place opened, the demand for pizza from the first restaurant would drop. The price of gasoline often changes with the demand throughout the year. As people drive more in the summer, gasoline prices tend to rise.

What is supply and demand for students? ›

Supply is the amount there is of something. Demand is how much people want it. When there's more supply than demand, prices go down. When there's more demand than supply, prices go up.

What is an example of change in supply in real life? ›

A real-life example where the supply curve experiences a shift is related to the supply of oil when Russia invaded Ukraine. The invasion of Russia in Ukraine and the resulting war causes severe disruptions in the global supply of oil and as such, the quantity supplied decreased at the same time.

What is a real life example of demand? ›

For example, if a consumer is hungry and buys a slice of pizza, the first slice will have the greatest benefit or utility. With each additional slice, the consumer becomes more satisfied, and utility declines.

What is supply and demand short answer? ›

Supply is the amount of a specific good or service that's available in the market. Demand is the amount of the good or service that customers want to buy. Supply and demand are both influenced by the price of goods and services.

What is demand and supply in daily life? ›

Demand leads to the total quantity on goods or services that are needed to buy various commodities and supply is the quantity of goods and services business will make available to make profits. Thus in our daily life everything is based on the demand and supply from a small commodity to a large corporations.

How does education affect supply and demand? ›

Technological change increases the relative demand for skilled and educated workers, but educational advance increases their relative supply. This “race” between education and technology can produce rising, declining, or stable levels of economic inequality.

What does on demand mean in school? ›

On Demand are non-semester based online courses in which you can register any day of the year.

Why is learning supply and demand important? ›

As a manager, the importance of supply and demand extends to understanding how the laws of supply and demand can affect your suppliers. If demand for a product or service decreases, those who provide you with necessary inventory could suffer financial failure.

What is a good example of supply? ›

The noun means an amount or stock of something that is available for use. That stock has been supplied. A mother, for example, may take a large supply of diapers (UK: nappies) with her when she goes on vacation with her baby. This means a large amount that is available for use.

Which of the following is the best example of supply? ›

Answer and Explanation: A sandwich shop increases the number of sandwiches they supply every day when the price is increased. Law of supply states that as the price of good increases the quantity supplied by the producer also increases.

How did Covid 19 affect supply and demand? ›

Demand shocks and problems with supply chains contributed to increased volatility in import, export, producer, and consumer prices in the months following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Meat, fish, dairy, and eggs were especially affected by the shifting economy brought on by the pandemic.

What is demand give a simple example? ›

Demand simply means a consumer's desire to buy goods and services without any hesitation and pay the price for it. In simple words, demand is the number of goods that the customers are ready and willing to buy at several prices during a given time frame.

What is an example sentence for demand? ›

Verb The customer demanded a refund. Parents have demanded that the teacher resign. The reporter demanded to see the documents. I demand to know what is going on here!

What is demand explain with example? ›

Demand is the consumer's desire to purchase a particular good or service. Market demand is the demand for a particular good in the market. Aggregate demand is the total demand for goods and services in the economy. Demand and supply match determines the price of the good or service.

How are supply and demand related explain with an example? ›

The law of supply and demand combines two fundamental economic principles describing how changes in the price of a resource, commodity, or product affect its supply and demand. As the price increases, supply rises while demand declines. Conversely, as the price drops supply constricts while demand grows.

How do you illustrate supply and demand? ›

Demand and supply can be plotted as curves. The point at which the two curves meet is known as the market quantity supplied. The market tends to naturally move toward this equilibrium – and when total demand and total supply shift, the equilibrium moves accordingly.

What are the 4 types of demand? ›

The different types of demand are as follows:
  • i. Individual and Market Demand: ...
  • ii. Organization and Industry Demand: ...
  • iii. Autonomous and Derived Demand: ...
  • iv. Demand for Perishable and Durable Goods: ...
  • v. Short-term and Long-term Demand:

How does supply and demand affect our life? ›

It's a fundamental economic principle that when supply exceeds demand for a good or service, prices fall. When demand exceeds supply, prices tend to rise. There is an inverse relationship between the supply and prices of goods and services when demand is unchanged.

How does supply and demand affect college students? ›

What is this? If you believe that rankings are an indicator of popularity, then more students with better qualifications will be applying to these schools. Combining this with our higher education supply and demand theory, as more students apply, acceptance rates decline and college prices increase.

What is the demand side of education? ›

Demand-side financing mechanisms – whereby public funds are given directly to individuals or to institutions on the basis of expressed demand – can be used to help poor families invest in schooling by compensating fee charges or helping families to recover some of the opportunity costs.

What factors influence the supply for education? ›

The major factor influencing supply of education is the expected benefits from a type of education or level of education . If the benefits of supplying a different type of education are higher e.g. technological oriented education , more resources will be devoted to that type .

What are learning demands? ›

The concept of learning demand (Leach and Scott, 1995; 1999) is developed as a tool to inform the planning of teaching, drawing upon an analysis of the scientific subject matter to be taught, research findings about students' preinstructional knowledge, and a social constructivist perspective on learning.

What is teacher demand and supply? ›

It involves consideration of a broad range of alternative teacher recruitment possibilities, and also examination of the factors affecting the flow of people into and out of the profession.

How do you deal with school demands? ›

Here are eight tips to help you cope with academic stress successfully.
  1. Use Campus Resources. ...
  2. Stay Present. ...
  3. Learn New Skills Through Practice. ...
  4. Use Positive Self-Talk. ...
  5. Take Responsibility For Mistakes. ...
  6. Forgive Yourself. ...
  7. Focus On What You Can Control. ...
  8. Practice Good Self-Care.

Why is it important for you to study supply? ›

Why is supply chain management important? Supply chain management is regional, national and global – it is everywhere. Without it, the wheels of industry and the economy would grind to a halt. Many aspects of our day-to-day lives depend on the ability to manage supply chains successfully within a global economy.

What are the 3 types of supply? ›

The types of supply are: Market supply. Long term supply. Short term supply.

What are the 5 types of supply? ›

Market supply, short-term supply, long-term supply, joint supply, and composite supply are five types of supply.

What is an example of increase in supply? ›

Suppose, for example, that the price of fertilizer falls. That will reduce the cost of producing coffee and thus increase the quantity of coffee producers will offer for sale at each price. The supply schedule in Figure 3.9 “An Increase in Supply” shows an increase in the quantity of coffee supplied at each price.

What happened to supply and demand during the pandemic? ›

We show that generous fiscal support contributed to an increase in the demand for consumption goods during the pandemic, but industrial production did not adjust quickly enough to meet the sharp increase in demand. This imbalance between supply and demand across countries led to high inflation.

How does pandemic affect supply? ›

EY research shows that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated preexisting issues in the supply chain and brought priorities such as visibility, resilience and digitization to the fore. While some sectors were hit hard by disruption, there were some winners, notably life sciences.

What is causing supply chain shortages? ›

The causes of supply chain disruptions

As we move into the second half of 2022, shippers and carriers are continuing to face challenges due to the geopolitical environment, rising fuel costs, and inflation.

What are the 3 types of demand? ›

Demand can be of the following types: Market demand. Individual demand. Cross demand.

What are the different types of supply? ›

There are five types of supply—market supply, short-term supply, long-term supply, joint supply, and composite supply.

What are the 8 types of demand? ›

There are 8 states of demand: negative demand, no demand, latent demand, falling demand, irregular demand, full demand, overfull demand and unwholesome demand. One must understand how to manage the demand state. For each state of demand, there is a marketing task and a marketing technique.

What is supply in economics with examples? ›

What Is Supply? Supply in economics is defined as the total amount of a given product or service a supplier offers to consumers at a given period and a given price level. It is usually determined by market movement. For instance, a higher demand may push a supplier to increase supply.

What is a real life example of law of supply and demand? ›

Demand Increases Supply

More demand increases the price, creating more supply. For example, a television show talks about the health benefits of a particular fruit. Other media outlets pick up on the idea and a large number of people start buying the fruit. Demand increases dramatically, driving up prices.

What is a supply and demand pricing example? ›

Supply and demand rise and fall until an equilibrium price is reached. For example, suppose a luxury car company sets the price of its new car model at $200,000. While the initial demand may be high, due to the company hyping and creating buzz for the car, most consumers are not willing to spend $200,000 for an auto.

What is a simple example of supply? ›

Typically a time period is also given when describing quantity supplied For example: When the price of an orange is 65 cents the quantity supplied is 300 oranges a week. If the price of copper falls from $1.75/lb to $1.65/lb, the quantity supplied by a mining company will fall from 45 tons a day to 42 tons a day.

What are examples of demands? ›

Demand is a consumer's desire and willingness to buy a product at a given price. For example, if the price increases, the customer might hesitate, and the willingness to buy decreases.

How does supply and demand apply to everyday life example? ›

Let's take bananas as an example and say the weather is perfect for growing bananas which increases the supply. This means prices will drop so that the stores can sell all the bananas they have. If supply decreases and demand remains the same, then the price increases.

How do you show supply and demand? ›

The supply curve is plotted as a line with an upward slope, pointing up and to the right. If the available quantity of the good increases, the supply curve shifts right. If quantity decreases, the supply curve moves left. The demand curve is plotted as a line with a negative slope, pointing down and to the right.

What is an example of supply increase? ›

A change in the price of one good can bring a change in the supply of another good. A good that can be produced in place of another good. For example, a truck and an SUV in an auto factory. The supply of a good increases if the price of one of its substitutes in production falls.

What is product demand example? ›

Here are the most important types of product demand with examples. Direct demand: the simplest form of product demand is the demand for a final product. For instance, how many people are planning to buy a new smart TV. Indirect Demand is the demand for a product that is used to produce another product.


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